Best Ways to Minimize Saturated Fat

Sunrev - A new public health campaign in the UK urging families to make simple meals and switched to diet drinks. So, what health benefits?

The critics in the UK said that it is a new thing from the government. That is, the British government has put the responsibility to consumers rather than producers of food to reduce salt and sugar in their products.

Furthermore, according to the Smart Swaps Change4Life campaign, switching from sugar-free sweet drinks or milk can affect the health of family members.The reason is, you can save a family member from 3/4 bags of sugar 1kg approximately four weeks.

"Switching to healthier foods in your diet can ultimately help reduce levels of saturated fat, sugar, and calories," said Prof.Kevin Fenton ofPublic Health England, quoted bythe BBC.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Clark of the Children's Food Campaign said that the UK government should put more pressure on food manufacturers. According to him, the messages are either at risk of being damaged,but no real changes to the products in the store.

"In addition, the government should replace unhealthy product promotions permanently with goods healthier," he said.

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