Thinnest Condoms, More Light of Human Hair

Sunrev - Researchers continue to find material to make condoms more thin and pliable. So far, the company Sagami Rubber
Industries of Japan excelled in making the thinnest condom ever.

In a period of ten years, the Sagami Original technicians have conducted tests on 20,000 condoms. They also designed the condom which has a thickness of only 0.01 mm, but very strong and leakproof. With the thickness,
a condom even thinner than the diameter of an average human hair that ranges from 0.06

"To be honest, we do not know whether condoms can be made thinner than this. However if need be made thinner, we will re-
try to create a condom with a material thickness of 0.009 to 0.008 mm," said one of the researchers from Sagami.

The world's thinnest condom is called "Sagami Original 0.01". It costs about 12 U.S. dollars.
Sagami Original 0.01 is not an ultra thin condom first created. Previously, many other
thin condoms are mostly designed in Japan, even though condoms are more expensive than

Sagami, a company that has been around since before 1935 has created a condom with a
thickness of 0.02 before finally creating Sagami Original 0.01. Condoms are the thinnest latex also claimed not smell like most
other condoms.

Nevertheless, the site said, was so thin, so the condom is more difficult to open and install.
Now, researchers are utilizing a material called
graphene to create the thinnest condom, even thinner than yours Sagami.

Graphene is a material that is very thin with a thickness of just one atom, but more powerful than jewels.
"Although atoms can still be broken down into several sections, however, called a material never thinner than a single atom," says Andre Geim, a Dutch-British doctor who discovered graphene in 2004.

In these efforts, the researchers hope to create a condom that is safe, effective, and provide a
sense of comfort when worn. The goal is that more and more people are willing to wear a condom to prevent the transmission of viruses
such as HIV or sexually transmitted diseases, as well as preventing unplanned pregnancy.

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